CPAP Equipment

Here is a sample of the equipment we offer:

CPAP Machines

  • Respironics DS-260
  • Respironics DS-460
  • Respironics DS-560
  • Resmed S9 AutoSet II
  • Resmed S9 Elite
  • Resmed S9 Autoset

BiPAP Machines

  • Respironics DS-660
  • Respironics DS-760
  • Respironics BiPAP ST
  • Respironics BiPAP Auto SV
  • Resmed S9 VPAP S & ST

ResMed Masks

  • SwiftFX
  • Mirage Quattro
  • Quattro FX
  • Ultra Mirage
  • Swift LT
  • Swift II
  • Mirage FX
  • MirageActiva LT

CPAP Machine Sales

Whether you are in need of discounted CPAP or BiPAP equipment, a comfortable nasal or full face mask, tubing or filters, CPAP distributors has the Respironics and Resmed machines and supplies you are looking for.

Call our friendly sales staff today at 916-941-8776 for an immediate quote.

A Respected Supplier of CPAP Equipment

In the fall of 2007, CPAP Distributors established itself as a trusted retail supplier of CPAP’s and BiPAP’s, as well as other sleep apnea equipments. Currently, our dedicated sales staff maintains the largest inventory of new and used CPAP machines in the Western United States.

CPAP Distributors routinely purchases large quantities of Respironics and Resmed brand CPAP machines and masks.  We guarantee our new-in-the-box equipment to be “Factory Fresh” with full warranties. Our fully-staffed Service Department thoroughly inspects all previously-used CPAP equipment as it arrives to our facility and conducts any necessary repairs prior to it's sale and shipment to a waiting client.  CPAP Distributors gladly provides immediate shipping of all CPAP machines and supplies via FedEx.

Wide Range of CPAP Machines

As your supplier of CPAP and BiPAP (Bi-Level) equipment, CPAP Distributors offers a wide range of machines to choose from. Though our Sales Department continually claims that our best selling machines are the Respironics DS-560HS (CPAP Auto w/ A-Flex and heated humidifier) and the Respironics DS-760HS BiPAP Auto w/ Bi-Flex and heated humidifier) followed closely by the Resmed 760HS AutoSet (CPAP Auto w/ Humidaire 5i heated humidifier), there are many, many fine equipment choices available.

Depending on your equipment needs and CPAP/BIPAP budget, you may also choose from respected models such as the Respironics, DS-260HS, DS-460HS, Resmed S9 Elite. Should you require the auto-adjusting pressure of BiPAP equipment, we offer additional machine options such as the Respironics DS-660H (BiPAP Pro w/ heated humidifier), the Respironics BiPAP ST w/ Remstar heated humdifier or an assortment of VPAP's manufactured by Resmed.

Preferred Pricing for CPAP Machines

E-mail CPAP Distributors’ sales staff your list of equipment today and allow us to demonstrate that our preferred pricing on Respironics and Resmed brand masks and machines, cannot be touched by any other CPAP equipment supplier.

Here is what our CPAP machine customers are saying:

"Today I received your shipment and wanted to drop you a note, letting you know how much your on-time delivery is appreciated. We pull our hair out(again and again) with the other suppliers' failure to fulfill their promises..........glad we bumped into CPAP Distributors"
Gary B., Santa Barbara, CA
"Thanks for always being upfront with us and practicing good communication. That's important and now days, it's not easy to find. Say "Hi" to Jenny for me."
Gina S., Jacksonville, FL
"Thank you for pricing your equipment fairly. Like so many, we live on a fixed income. We are so thankful that you have made this equipment available to us."
Mandy C., Portland, OR

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